• Brett Brow Duo-Shade Kit (Redhead)

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  • Your one ideal

    Add all five Brett Brow products to your makeup bag/kit with this specially priced Pro Kit: $75 (a $90 value)

    Is this shade right for you?

    I created this Redhead duo for my longtime client Reba. I found it difficult to find soft, flesh based red brow products for her. I would use reddish eye shadow or lip pencils out of desperation. My Redhead tones are now a cult hit with natural born and bottle redheads. Not too orange-y and not too brown. Promise.

    Brett explains:

    I created these five duo-shade pencils to give brows a natural, shadow of definition. Use the lighter shade behind existing hairs and deeper shade to fill in sparse areas and make the tail of the brow more vivid. The cap has a built-in brush so you can marry the two tones together for a crisper, more uniform brow.

    "Duo-shades, because your one ideal brow shade is actually a blend of two" -Brett

    For more tips and a glimpse into Bretts' glammy life, follow him on Instagram: @BrettGlam
  • Brett Brow Duo-Shade Kit (Redhead)
  • Brett Brow Duo-Shade Kit (Redhead)
  • Brett Brow Duo-Shade Kit (Redhead)

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