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Okay, then donu2019t have the Jew pick out the Christmas outfit! #oops

HaHa...thnx for the u2018caught in the actu2019 shot, @mjmirongirl ! Early morning press chatting about tonightu2019s CMA Country Christmas special. Tune in this eve on ABC! ud83cudf84 #reba #christmas

Thanks for the shout-out to glam pro @kindbeautybykate & her model @barelyblonde__ Swipe to find out how she achieved her glorious #BrettBrow arches! Avail at BrettBrow.com -shhh...use promo code BRETT @ checkout for free ship u2728#brows #eyebrows #makeup #makeupartist #glam

You know I love my #BrettBrow on disco divas....so many thanks to the oh-so-hot @gavinturek -you make my Dark Brunette powder look delish! #brows #eyebrows #gavinturk

Have you got a gift for Mau2019 yet?! Avail on @ebay & @amazon -uh, you can even get them personalized! #giftidea #hallmark #hallmarkchristmas

Brava to Sarah & @ilyamerica on their Writers Guild Award nom! Brava to all...I personally see how hard they all work and how much they love it! #sarahsilverman #iloveyouamerica

Liu2019l #bts of @reba & Catherine Marx warming up for #41u2019s funeral. Heads up, we flew from Vegas last night after her show. Landed in Texas @ 4 a.m. Glam @ 7 a.m. Left for the church @ 8:30. Headed back to Vegas now. Whew, this cowgirlu2019s got stamina...Iu2019m zonked & Iu2019m just carrying her lip gloss!

Look who popped by for a quick Brow Wow! Love me some @melissapeterman & her golden arches! Sheu2019s the poster gal for my #BrettBrow Medium Blonde duo-shade pencil! Thnx Mel, for letting me borrow your pretty for this pic! $18 at BrettBrow.com & @amazon -tap for shops that carry my line. #brow #brows #eyebrows #glam

Lots of Qu2019s about the palette @reba is holding in my last post! Drumroll...itu2019s @tartecosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Highlighting Palette Vol. III -itu2019s a gorgeous array of shimmer highlighting eyeshadows (with one matte nude as a base) I used on Rebau2019s lids...my tip: Apply with a damp brush for a long lasting, chrome effect. Swipe to see how the shades will look on your skin tone. $36 @ TarteCosmetics.com #makeup #makeupartist #makeuptips #bretttip

This lady. Though I talk -a lot...Iu2019m actually a man of few words. That being said, here we go. I met Reba in 2002, glamu2019n her for a magazine shoot. Little did I know that I was meeting someone that would change not only the direction of my career -but the direction of my life. Sheu2019s taught me the small things (making proper southern sweet tea)to the big things (running a solid business, the importance of human connection) and everything in between. Iu2019ve literally grown into a man while orbiting her world -and Iu2019m a better person because of it. Watching her receive The Kennedy Center Honor last night was very emotional. Yes, sheu2019s my boss...but I also consider her a friend. If youu2019re in Rebau2019s inner circle youu2019re a priority, not an option. I feel that -and appreciate it. Sheu2019s loyal, generous and just a plain u2018ol hoot. Brava to Reebs...hereu2019s to many more years of glammy adventures! -With Love, The guy who follows you around with a powder puff ;-)

Avail at BrettBrow.com for $10. Gr8 stocking stuffer! Looking to create the perfect smoky eye without the mess? Look no further! Shadow Sheilds is a makeup bag must have. Apply the half moon shaped pads underneath the eye to catch and excess fall from your shadow. Shadow Shields use an uber-gentle, low-tack adhesive, and is hands free. #makeup #makeupartist #makeuptips

@melissapeterman always gets me the best cards...! #deardiary

LA peeps...check out @falalandofficial -a superfun Christmas-centric maze with photo-ops galore! Even better...itu2019s downtown at The oh-so-cool @therow #falaland #vintagechristmas #christmas

Great gift idea! Love the @jouercosmetics holiday-centric Funfetti Deluxe Collection. Just $25! Start by adding some shimmer to your everyday lip with the Funfetti Long-Wear Lip Topper while also creating a dazzling eye look with the Funfetti Ultra Foil Liquid Shimmer Eye Topper. Lastly, enhance your u201clit-from-withinu201d glow with the creamy, long-wearing Funfetti Powder Highlighter. This collection is great because itu2019s universally flattering and can be used to u2018iceu2019 the usual makeup look. Check it out @ jouercosmetics.com. #holiday18 #giftideas #makeup #glam

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