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Bday lunchie for @jdkpop ...and yes, we're at the table Nomi & Cristal shared in #Showgirls

Here's your one chance...

A li'l backstage #Deluxstick glam slam on @Reba 's tour manager @snellycat in #Fancy & wardrobe gal @katelammchop in #Survivor Check out the lip colors on Reba.com & Amazon #RebaBeauty #IconicGlamour

Like your mascara more viscous and insure a clump-free application? Let mascara tube sit in warm water for a few minutes. Boom! Lash-o-licious! #MakeUp #BrettTip

What will be your last thoughts before you zzzzzz? Tonight I'm going to walk through my Nam Nam's house. Try to remember every detail. I generally drift off before I get to the living room ;-) Night, night Glam'rs! #HappyMemories

I found these sunglasses at the gym. Before I turned them in to lost & found, naturally, I had the front desk gal take a pic of me in them ;-)

Unicorn-licious! I got this salt & pepper set as a gift and loved so much I contacted the company so I could make avail in my #BrettGlamShop on BrettFreedman.com Fab gift! #Unicorn #Magical

Lol...not sure if this interesting to anyone but me ;-) I thought I'd share the factory pix of the just finished new box for my #DrKISS lip balm. I'm excited! #BrettFreedmanBeauty

I didn't even know she had a vineyard...! #HelloWino #HelloKitty

@Sephora asked me to post to their online community The Beauty Board. Many thanks to @snellycat for lending her pretty. She's always so large & in-charge, making spread sheets...so it was fun to glam slam that Type-A personality's face ;-) #MakeUp #MakeupArtist #BrettBrow #TourManager

Like seeing an old friend! @farmhousefresh present & accounted in this dreamy place ;-) #BodyScrub

Generally, a 'warm bag' of anything doesn't interest me...but these are changing my life!

#RetroSneaks @JCrew @Nike


@snellycat consider yourself #chickenfingered ;-)