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@kateromeropics has fancy paws!

I love me a 'vision or the future' movie. #ExMachina good! #RobotLove

I'm, for sure, giving my house diabetes... @Target

Thnx @CountryWeekly for the write up on the @Reba beauty line. Glad all are excited! #Deluxstick #RebaBeauty #IconicGlamour

Every single person in this pic told me not to post it. #MyBad

#PizzaParty at Casa Brettano! #Dianesawyer #BruceJenner #ABC

Evolution of the natural, sueded brow. Shade: Medium Blonde @lalee88 #BrettBrow

Tonight is the Diane Sawyer interview. If you've been around me the last six months you'll know I'm OBSESSED with Bruce's gender reassignment! For those that only know him as Kim's stepdad and not an Olympian, this is riveting. Imagine thirty years from now, Michael Phelps saying he always felt he was a woman. Yes, I'm having peeps over to watch! Here's to Bruce finding his bliss ;-)

Only @Madonna can make a Tootsie Roll lash look good! Love! @Cosmopolitan #LikeALashComb #Madonna

Big, garnet hued hug to @hodakotb for including the @Reba Deluxstick in this week's Favorite Things segment. Lovesit! #RebaBeauty #Fancy #IconicGlamour

It's baaack! I'm so obsessed with #Botched I can't stand it! On #E! tonight! @drpaulnassif

Lady Miss @sarahkatesilverman for last night's Keep it Clean benefit. Crisp, clean & oh-so-cool ;-)

Love that she loves it! u2028Hey @brettglam and @reba guess what I got in the mail today??!! My Reba Deluxstick!! Love it!!!