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Kickin' it old school pop w/a VHS viewing party of #Madonna #VirginTour w/ @ZekeRuelas & @JDKPop SuperFun blast from the past! #1985

They totally forgot to add the 'medium well' ;-p

This week I'm headed to Italy w/ a certain redhead. Prepping her kit by editing, cleaning & restocking. I always start packing days before so I have time to pick up items and never feel frazzled when headed to airport. My biggest tip to starting out glam'rs, do this. ;-)

My three fave things: Glam, food & @jennyandteets2 ;-)

Uh, this li'l creative dynamo is seventeen years old! Proud to have my Brett Brow in your talented hands ;-) #Glamazing --- Did something a little different with my makeup today!! @brettglam's brow pencils are AMAZING!!! And also, I'm sporting these MAGICAL lashes that @planettammie made me! Aren't they PERFECT?!! #makeup #motd #browneyes #mod #1960s #retro #vintage #eyeliner #makeupoftheday #toofaced #sephora #katvond #sugarpill #brettbrows #eyeshadow #twiggy #ediesedgwick #modette

Destiny's child or Sharpie marker's child?! Ouch, you could see those brows from space! Gorgeous gal who's brows should be a buttery as her voice. #Glamcuffs @fashionpolice

Spaghetti highlights, al dente! Love me some Sarah Hyland and her penchant for edgy makeup. Here she was foiled by her foil! The stripe-y, too close to the root streaks are a li'l strip mall-licious for this mini fashion dynamo. I (and I'm sure, Tim Burton) actually love her gothy glam. Perfect for such a young, pop event. She's amaze and I'm always piqued to see what she I'm (literally) splitting hairs ;-) #VMAS @fashionpolice

Okay glam'rs, here we go #Beyonce Her glam is so consistently on the mark we take it for granted. Considering how sex-siren her image is, she shows amazing restraint in her makeup/hair on the red carpet. Love that her brow fill in is so subtle, you can see the hairs. Her caramel smoked eye is seamless w/just enough glisten. They say less is more...but less is also strong and confident. No wonder she's our #QueenB Police escort this minx to the number one spot! #VMAS @fashionpolice

#MTV #VMAS edition! It was such a crazed week I haven't had a chance to file a report. Keep an eye out all day ;-) #TGIF #Brett'sPrettyPatrol @fashionpolice

G'nite glam'rs ;-)

Circ 1999 (pic left) I worked with @VondaShepard for run of #AllyMcBeal and recently glam'd her for her recent CD, Solo (pic right) I adore her. #ThrowBrettThursday

Pouf ' douf'd #LisaKudrow for @JimmyKimmel last night. She & @CourtneyCox surprised #JenniferAniston w/ a mini #Friends reunion. Loved meeting @juliannekaye who dolled up Ms. Cox

#Repost from @jessicaperis_beautique --- Woohoo! Excited to announce thenBrett Brow - Kick Some Arch range is now available at @jessicaperis_beautique ud83dudc9cnLOVE these products, I use them for all my makeup jobs and for myself too! The range includes duo shade brow pencils and powders to suit all complexions, and my favorite double slanted tweezers, brush/spoolie and brow gel ud83dudc4cn@brettglam #kicksomearch #browpowders #browpencils #makeup #instamakeup #browproducts #bestbrows #makeupartist #beautyproducts #beautysalon

Doing a gal for @JimmyKimmel and hard selling a dark top eyeliner and this light catching bronze liner on bottom shelf & lash line. Let's see if she bites...! @makeupforeverofficial

Good morning Glam'rs! Coffee w/a side of sugar coma :-) #ArcherFarms #HumpDay