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Okay, I'm givin' this a try. Stay tuned for review! #Dove

#BunnyRing #Etsy

Stylist flanked by two glam'rs...loved running into makeup artist @juliannekaye (and her fab smokey eyes!) who was playing pretty for a shoot @StyleListLa we made a Bory sandwich ;-)

Popping in to stylist gal pals Bory & Kayla's new fashion rental studio. Can't wait to see what's up inside...! @StyleListLA #VivienneWestwood #Gaultier #StellaMcCartney

@jdkpop I finally saw something gayer than u!

Not to brag...she totally tried to bang me. #SheSmelledLikeLadyGagaFame

Now the glammy'ist place on earth ;-)

This is a great 'burnishing' blush brush. Dense but soft, with a domed top. Perfect to 'marry' blush color with highlighter into a gorgeous airbrushed finish. Yes! Make Me Blush brush. Last I heard there was a wait list to buy get in que at Vegan, cruelty free and fab! @lab2beauty

Devil! What does a boy do when he gets a paper cut on his good texting thumb?! #ouchie

"Brett, why are you dressed like a house painter?" I hate you @hilaryhansen

Nothing instantly modernizes a makeup look than giving the tear duct a glow-y highlight. My tip is to use a champagne hued powder or cream. Avoid silvery or too white tones. Once the flash hits the shimmer it pops it's best to start with something on the fleshier side so it looks like a true dewy glow. I heart @itcosmetics Hello Light luminous powder. Can be used wet or dry. #BrettTip #MakeUpTip

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Okay, kids...this gem is on the marquee 2night ;-p #BadMovieNight

Love seeing my line in the adorable Melrose shop @beautybalmstudio So fun jumping in and do an impromptu Kick Some Arch Brett Brow Wows. You gals rock! #BrettBrow

A glam'r has to get creative when you don't plan ahead and have to rub-a-dub your brushes the day you need 'em!