brett speaks

I sent her very brow-licious! u2028Ohhh #amypoehler you little beauty! @brettglam doing fabulous work as usual! #sagawards2015

Overflow makeup. I pared down to just the products I love and will truly use. The rest I'll gift to my actresses & gal pals when I see 'em. Now, off to do #AmyPoehler for #SAGAwards ;-)

No more playing that shell game of 'What Shade is This?' OCD w/ a label maker ;-) #SundayFunday

To anyone who smells me today: You're welcome. :-) 1971 Carnival Wax oil from @AgathaBlois with a touch of #MichaelKors Sporty to citrus it up.

Hope your night is full of lucky stars... #Madonna #StevenMeisel

My li'l ritual: I pop in @CoffeeBean&TeaLeaf to get a soy hot chocolate, then go nxt door to @SkinLaundry to #StarWars my face. It's so quick that when I'm done the hot chocolate is perf temp to drink! #TGIF

#ThrowBrettThursday circa 1992. This was my first printed piece as a makeup artist. I had moved to South Beach, Miami and Act 1 was a modeling agency. I went in with my lame portfolio but said I would do makeup in exchange for pix. They put me on this test. The model was so gorgeous and exotic. She had never done her brows, so I tweezed for a full hour! Fun fact: The striped 'curtains' framing her are a male model's legs. I loved they used the test for their monthly calendar. I just found the Photog, @LaVedaDavis on Insta! Lipstick: #MAC Paramount. Who remembers that?!

I had no idea he was a barista, too! #Multitalented #PonyCocoa #MyLittlePony

Totally enjoying #Hindsight watch it On Demand ;-) #VH1 #GenX #90s

#BrettTip I always have a loose apricot powder in my kit. Great to subtly 'warm up' a pale face & neck with just a few fluffs. #Coty #MakeupForever make great ones.


Gorgeous red. #LaFlamboyante #Chanel #RougeAllureVelvet

Cutest li'l glammy #FedEx from #Chanel I have a feeling it's lip colors for #AwardSeason ;-)

The zesty @PenelopeAnnMiller is ready to chat about her buzzy new show #AmericanCrime

Having peeps over to watch Whitney. Very fitting on Martin Luther King Jr. day cuz they were both...Baptist. #DrinkWhenSheSaysBobby