brett speaks

Jason Rainbow, unicorn porn star. #Uni-porn

Uh, it didn't seem so creepy when I made it...

I'm having a few peeps over tonight & thought I'd put out some oh-so-cerebral reading material... #Boo #Barbie #HappyHalloween


Circa 1999. I glam'd a baby #ChristinaAguiler It was right when Genie in a Bottle was on the radio. Randomly, I did her hair for this, too. the rope-y waves, thin brows and the perennial MAC Spice lipliner...soooo 90's-licious! She's also from Pittsburgh, so we gabbed about that. She was really fun & sweet. #ThrowBrettThursday

Played pretty with Ms. K...tune in tonight to see my Pale Blonde brow pencil and Gloss-a-holic lip gloss in action ;-) #LisaKudrow #JimmyKimmel #TheComeback

Clearly, when I do makeup in fancy locales I look like a hunchback turtle...

Some nights it's best to cancel dinner plans and spend some quality time with a delivered pizza & remote ;-) #AMCFearFest

Giving Ms. @erinandrews a li'l #UrsulaAndress backstage at #DWTS

Mercy, it takes a village!

Lending a glam tonight for Miss @erinandrews It's Halloween night...sooo fun! @DancingABC

She had her eyes done. Big whoop. She looks great. @aynsstagram tweeted it best: Renee, you do you, boo.

Friends don't let friends Ebay drunk. #WhiteFannyPack

So delish! Okay, I'm totally limiting myself to six...

If lipstick and lip gloss had a would be BiteBeauty_ 's tinted lip balm. Great color payout that's hydrating and has a slight glisten of shine. Oh-so-what's happening right now! Pic is the lychee shade. #makeuptip