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#PrettyPatrol winner(s)'s a tie! Two gorgeous gals that turned it out in very different ways. Love @MishaelMorgan velvety skin with crisp, clean eye with a pop of color lip. Glam restraint was the perfect way to update her wink-to-90's dress. Newly bobbed & ombru00e9 @VanessaHudgens gives oh-so-current with strong, metallic eyes with a cast of navy. A good call to do a lighter brow, cheek & lip. It keeps the focus on the eyes, giving her face an overall cleaner, fresher look. No handcuffs for these glam slammin' ladies ;-) #younghollywoodawards @fashionpoliceonline

#YoungHollywoodAwards edition. I'm weighing in on the red carpet, makeup/hair wise. What starlet gets a glam badge of honor and who gets sent to the pokey? Stay tuned for my picks & misses! #PrettyPatrol @fashionpoliceonline

My grandma used to always say this.

If you see me today and wonder why I look like a big fat cow... #HappyCow #DayOffCow

Maybe I do like needlepoint.

Totally geeking out to the @SmithsonianChan doc 747: The Jumbo Revolution Interesting that the queen of the sky was originally concepted as a narrow double decker. Swanky retro graphics ;-) #Boeing #Boeing747 #DVRit!

#Repost from @jdkpop with @repostapp --- Gays in the house for a post show photo extravaganza! #buyerandcellar

Loving @pinupgirlclothing homage to cult teen flick #Jawbreaker Loved the #Clueless collection and you've done it again! You gals are amazing! @darrenstein

#Nailstache In case your fingers want to rob a bank ;-)

You can't tell in this pic but we're riding a unicorn. #Cosmos #Rainbow #Stardust

#TBT I glam'd @MilaKunis for her @SeventeenMag cover. I think she was 16. I remember her telling me how the day before she went to visit her friend who was working at Natural Wonders in the @BeverlyCenter It got busy so she started ringing people up. I asked if anyone recognized her. She said a few people asked "Hey, aren't you on #That70sShow?" She's adorable ;-)

In case anyone is curious how I like my jeans to fit... ;-)

#BrettTip Loving @VictoriasSecret Beach Tan tinted body lotion. Great for summer strappy dresses & short shorts. $15 in stores. Online they are having a summer promo, they're two for $20 #Lovesit #makeuptip #WhatIsSexy #Summer

Hey LA glam'rs...our president is in town today. Check for times/street closures @ #ObamaMotorcade #MinorChaos #ItLikeTookForeverToGetToWholeFoods

Thanx @eternallylala for sporting my Gloss-a-holic in Violet so fetchingly! You give good lip ;-) #LipGloss #PrettyInPink